Doing my civic task and saving you from crappy Netflix movies!
Officially, television rots your brain.

Unofficially, these are three things I’ve enjoyed lately that I really enjoyed.


1. The girl with All the Gifts

First, it’s a zombie movie…but before you roll your eyes at me (“Karen, I get it. YOU’RE into ZOMBIES!”), it’s a fresh take on the genre, which, I recognize, has gotten pretty tired.

This one takes place in post-apocalyptic England, and I think it’s the not-too-distant future because the technology looks like the stuff we have today.

The motion picture opens in a military bunker where a group of schoolkids, who look like normal kids but absolutely aren’t, are all restrained and strapped into wheelchairs in a sterile military classroom with a teacher.


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Basically, humanity has been overrun by a fungus that transforms human beings into brainless, flesh-eating monsters.

It’s the plants, man… They’re gonna take over the world.

Anyway, the kids were born to zombie moms, so they’re half-zombie, half-human hybrids who still crave flesh, but they’re also intelligent and capable of reasoning.


The motion picture follows one of the teachers and one of the zombie-hybrid kids, Melanie, who’s remarkably bright, and there are moral dilemmas and conundrums about evolutionary biology.

It’s smarter than your average zombie motion picture but by no indicates slow. highly recommended if you’re a sci-fi buff. I rented it on iTunes last weekend.

2. Vampire Academy

OK, so we go from zombies to vampires now (yes, I realize how this sounds). Vampire Academy is a few years old, but I don’t remember when it was in theaters (if it was in theaters). It’s based on a YA book series called — dun-dun-dun! – Akademi Vampir.

It gets a shockingly bad score on, but don’t let that deter you. It’s really fun! It’s like a vampire Harry Potter in the O.C.

Picture it: three species of vampire. The Dhampir are half-human, half-vampires trained from childhood to act as the bodyguards of the Moroi, the gentle, peace-loving mortal vampires with an affinity for magic. The third group are the Strigoi, the classic immortal blood-sucking evil monsters.

Young Dhampirs and Morois train, frolic and fraternize at St. Vladimir’s school, a.k.a. the Vampire Academy.

This movie’s all about Lissa, a Moroi vampire princess, and her protector, Rose. They run away from the academy but are forced to return, which is when mayhem ensues.

It has its cheesy moments…but I think it’s a pretty good fantasy/horror mystery buddy movie. It’s one of those happy, cheesy things that are fun to enjoy on a rainy afternoon. It’s currently on Netflix.

3. Carrie Pilby

I have this theory that if you want to find a good motion picture on Netflix, you have to start and stop at least five really horrible motion pictures first, haha!

Just fire up Carrie Pilby already. save yourself the trouble.

Carrie is a dazzling young woman who lives in new York. She started college at Harvard when she was 14 and gradated a few years later, but even though she’s beyond book smart, emotionally, she’s in shambles.

She can’t carry on a conversation with her daddy without it turning into an argument, never wants to leave her apartment, doesn’t have a job, or friends. Her personal life is kind of a mess, but she’s working on it.

The motion picture takes place over the holidays as Carrie works her way through a “to-do” list of activities created to help her get her life on track. It’s funny, poignant, and I laughed out loud several times. It’s also on Netflix.


That’s what I’ve been enjoying lately (along with American Ninja Warrior, of course). bagaimana dengan kamu?

Pecandu banding lingkungan Anda yang ramah,


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