I wanna kick it with these Soap & Glory shadows.
There are nine shimmers and a matte in the $20 Kick into Neutral Eyeshadow palette by Soap & Glory, of which the “kicks” are closer to light instep taps than drag queen chorus line high kicks.

This palette has plenty of things going for it, including a bevvy of everyday cool tones. In fact, the cool tones are why I wanted to try it.


First, though, before we get to that…Soap & Glory makes makeup now? siapa yang tahu??

I think it’s a relatively recent development, but yeah, they moved beyond the realm of body products and now have a pretty extensive makeup line, with lots of lip products (so many lipsticks!), a sprinkling of foundation and face powder, highlighters (of course), blushes and even a couple of eyeshadow palettes. Kick into Neutral is one of them.

Swatch it to me!
Most of the shadows in the 10-pan palette lean cool, so if you like your neutrals with a kiss of cool gray or taupe, this could be the palette for you. After busting it out a few times, though, overall…I think this palette might actually be too cool-toned for me.


Kaus Kucing & Makeup ??

$ 42.

Berbelanja sekarang

I dunno… I’m not sure how I feel about the cool gray tones. Something about ’em isn’t sitting right with me. Normally, I like the contrast of cool shadows on warm skin, but in this case I feel like it’s a little jarring.

Baiklah. I guess you can’t win ’em all, Karen (although the #makeuphoarder in me really wants to!).

I’m wearing Cuddly Bare in my crease, Pink-a-little on my inner lids, Mice-tro in the outer corer and Spookstar on my lash line.

But just because the colors don’t really work for me doesn’t mean that I don’t think Kick into Neutral is a good palette for everyday looks. If you wear these shadows on top of a colorless primer like NARS Pro-Prime, your kicks will be jaunty.

Mind you, they won’t be Rockette-style high kicks, but sometimes mellow is what you want on a weekday.

Yeah, you can still pull off Saturday night drama with these too, but it’ll take a lot of work. You’ll have to prep by applying a cream shadow underneath first, then apply the shadows with a wet brush to boost the pigment. Then, if you really want to go bold, you’ll have to apply several layers.

There are other palettes out there with similar tones that make it easier to do something dramatic at the same or lower price points, like the L’Oreal color Riche La palette nude 2, which is $19.99, or even the Maybelline City Minis palette in chill Brunch Neutrals, which is $9.99.

But sometimes, drama isn’t what you want.

Kick into Neutral is a pretty good deal, and its shadows are easy to blend. There’s also very little fallout (the performance reminds me of LORAC), and you even get a great matte transition shade. It’s a cool toned taupe, and it blends like a dream.


I recommended this palette for ladies and gents looking for an extremely cool-toned everyday eye palette with somewhat sheer shadows and a strong gray/taupe theme. It’s currently kickin’ it exclusively at Ulta stores right meow.

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