The makeup and appeal blog Monday Poll for may 19, 2014
You might be wondering, “So what the heck is this Monday Poll thing anyway?”

Yah, itu tidak banyak jajak pendapat. It’s a lot more just a regularly evolving (devolving?), somewhat random list of questions I’ve been putting out to readers every Monday morning for the past seven years. I’ve always took pleasure in reading your answers in the comments, and I hope you take pleasure in reading mine.

How do you feel this morning?
Saya oke. I have a ton of stuff to get done by the end of the day, so I’m a little overwhelmed ideal now, but other than that, I’m A-OK. bagaimana denganmu?

Have you ever ridden in a horse-drawn carriage?
Aku belum. I’ve pulled up beside one in a taxi, and I’ve walked up to one in Tahoe and pet it, but I’ve never actually ridden in one. I’d like to, but only if the horse enjoys its job, and it’s clear that the handler loves and cares about him/her.

I love _____ dresses.
Kate Spade.

Did you have a safety blanket or a comforting toy growing up?
I did and I still do! I have a pink teddy bear named Ding-a-ling. That’s her name because she used to play Lullaby and Goodnight (until my mommy put her in the washing machine…) when you turned a knob on her back, and when I first got her I’d sing along, “Ding-a-ling! Ding-a-ling!” because I was only a couple years old.

Why is finding the ideal foundation so difficult?
For me, it’s color matching, and also because some foundations oxidize and darken on my skin, but I don’t normally find that out until I’ve been wearing them for a few hours (like, after I’ve already left the store).


Giliranmu. Cukup salin dan tempel pertanyaan-pertanyaan berikut ke dalam komentar dengan jawaban Anda. Saya berharap dapat membaca mereka!

1. how do you feel this morning?
2. have you ever ridden in a horse-drawn carriage?
3. I love _____ dresses.
4. Did you have a safety blanket or a comforting toy growing up?
5. Why is finding the ideal foundation so difficult?


Kaus Kucing & Makeup ??

$ 42.

Berbelanja sekarang

I saw something yesterday posted on Instagram (I wish I could remember the account) that said, “Don’t look sideways,” which I thought was odd at first…but then I read the post, and it was generally about how this person played sports, and one of their coaches said that often you can’t pay attention to what’s going on next to you. You just have to look forward and focus on your goal, because it’s easy to get caught up thinking about what so-and-so is up to, or other extraneous drama.

That’s some good recommendations ideal there.


Have a great week, my friend.

Pecandu banding lingkungan Anda yang ramah,


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