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True or false: applying false eyelashes can be very intimidating.


Untuk saya? BENAR. The very thought of applying false lashes, especially if I’m exhausted or not on my game that day, or if I’m using a brand new style of lashes I’ve never used before, can be downright terrifying. in some cases it’s so daunting that I don’t even want to try.

When I first got into ’em, I was total crap at the application, for real! — but as with many things, if you practice, it gets easier.

When we looked at the awesome $4 Ardell 120s last week (LOVE these), you asked some good questions about false eyelash application in the comments…


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$ 42.

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Applying false eyelashes: I need halp!

The Ardell Demi 120s
“These look really natural and what a great deal. I only wish I knew how to apply false eyelashes. You ought to do a tutorial on that!”

Hi Agata,

Hey gadis! When it concerns easy-to-apply lashes, those Ardell 120s are some of the best I’ve ever used. With those or any pairs, if you practice and be patient, and give yourself a week or two, it’ll get very easy. the best guidance I can give is to look down into a mirror while you’re applying them. That really helps me a lot!

Go easy on yourself, too. It takes a few tries, but seriously, you’ll get the hang of it. here are some other things that can help…

Paint the white band first before you start applying (I just use black gel liner), so you don’t have to paint it after you’re finished and it’s tougher to reach without disturbing your makeup or the lashes. 

Give the glue time to get sticky. I typically wait from 30 seconds to a minute. When it first comes out of the tube, it’s not very sticky.

Use as little of the glue as possible. Dengan serius! I find that when I use too much, the lashes feel really uncomfortable.

Also, trim the ends

The MAC 33 false Lashes. I always end up trimming these a little…

“Karen, I am awful at figuring out how much to trim off of the sides of my false lashes. I cut off 1 bunch at a time until they are undoubtedly too short. On the rare occasion where I cut them to the best size and keep them as a design template for future lashes, it never seems to work out when I go between lash styles. any tips/tricks?”

Hi Lisa,

Have you tried marking the edge of the lashes before cutting them? I use a black gel liner to mark the spot on the band where I think I need to cut it to make it fit my lashes. then set the lashes (without any glue) on top of your natural lashes, and check in the mirror to see if the spot where you put the mark works with the length of your natural lashes and the shape of your eye.


Apakah itu masuk akal? Also, I always trim from the inner portion, which typically has shorter lashes, because I mostly wear pairs that have longer lashes on the outer ends, and I like that good lift on the outer corner.

More thoughts on Ardell lashes by the gals who comment on MBB (hi, ladies!)

“I love Ardell lashes… Nordstrom rack sells them for less than the average drugstore. I stock up on two or three each time I am in the store. Overall, I like Sephora’s lashes the best as I can use them consistently before it’s time to say goodbye.” –Glorya

“I use Ardell 109 lashes (don’t know why that’s my fave pair). I feel like Bambi with them on, for some reason.” –Kwmechelle

“I love myself some Ardell lashes. I’m partial to the 110s, but I think I’ll give the 120′s a try.” –Christine

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